Humanagement vs. Gusto: HR Software Comparison 2023

Humanagement and GustoHR are cloud-based human resources (HR) software solutions built to help streamline your business processes and assist in employee management. While Gusto can be attractive due to its payroll feature, Humanagement is full-service, more user-friendly, and offers many more useful integrations. Find out which is right for you with Humanagement vs Gusto comparison

Humanagement vs. Gusto: At a Glance

Humanagement is a comprehensive employee management software that helps CEOs, executives, and HR managers manage both their businesses and employees effectively. The software aims to make staff meetings and business organizations easier by providing an easy-to-use interface that’s clean, intuitive, and appealing.

It has a fully functional and customizable time tracking and leave request feature to help both managers and employees track and approve their PTO requests. It allows companies to keep track of policy management, compliance, and staff training, which can be done on autopilot. The software also helps companies save time and stress by providing fully automated functions for creating and storing video policies, compliance audit logs, tracking productivity and business analytics, time sheets, and paid time off. It also allows for integration with other software via Zapier, clock in and out, assign PTO allocations, and record geolocation data reporting.

GustoHR is a human resources (HR) software platform that helps small businesses handle payroll and offers a comprehensive suite of tools for business owners and HR managers.  Gusto will automatically file all your local, state, and federal tax forms on your company's behalf, offering the ability to electronically file, sign, fax, and store all your documents within your Gusto dashboard. It also makes it easy for employees to get the most out of their paychecks, with free financial tools and paperless. Gusto also gives customers more flexibility than many competitors. Gusto customers can run unlimited payroll cycles throughout the month and set the pay schedule that works best for their team.

Humanagement Features

Humanagement offers fully functional leave tracking and approval process controlattendance tracking, employee data management, statistics with full integration with other tools, a robust knowledge base for learning and development, a checklist for onboarding, performance management, reporting and analytics, and seamless policy development.

Gusto features

Gusto’s offers a full-service payroll, employee self-service features, health insurance administration., and employee benefits.

Additional benefits and tools can be added to your plan, some for free and others at a cost. This includes the following: workers’ compensation.


Humanagement has a 5 out of 5 rating on usability. It has a responsive, intuitive, easy-to-navigate dashboard that allows users to easily manage their businesses and employees, relieving them of the stress and frustration of employee management.

Gusto users complain about the learning curve when using the software. The lack of resources to teach new users how to use the software and the lack of customer support. One customer says, "No one at Gusto seemed willing to train us properly on the software. We had to learn ourselves, which is fine, but more training content and tools would be appreciated.


Humanagement offers a free plan for its users. It’s subscription-based and starts at $5 for five (5) users per month, with addons like purchase requests for $10 per month.

The Gusto HR plan starts at $45 per month for the core HR platform. This is inclusive of the monthly base and the additional rate per agent.

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May 3, 2023

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