Is Humanagement Better then Leave Wizard?


Is Humanagement Better Than LeaveWizard?

Managing employee leave requests and time off can be a hassle for HR departments and small business owners. Thankfully, there are several software solutions that can help streamline the process. Two popular options are Humanagement and LeaveWizard. But in this article, we'll take a closer look at these two software's and compare their features, usability, pricing, and customer support.

LeaveWizard is software that helps companies manage employee leave and absences. It allows employees to request leave and managers to approve or deny requests, track holiday allowances, handle shift work, TOIL, overtime, and work from home. LeaveWizard also allows companies to tailor the experience to their organizational structure and personalize their workflows to suit their teams.

Additionally, it offers easy reporting, which allows companies to spot patterns of absence or annual leave that might affect the business and report against external indicators. It also has the capability of managing a variety of work patterns, different leave years, overtime, and time off in lieu (TOIL), plus several carryover strategies.


Humanagement is a comprehensive employee management software that helps CEOs, executives, and HR managers manage both their businesses and employees effectively. The software aims to make staff meetings and business organizations easier by providing an easy-to-use interface that's clean, intuitive, and appealing.

It has a fully functional and customizable time tracking and leave request feature to help both managers and employees track and approve their PTO requests. It allows companies to keep track of policy management, compliance, and staff training, which can be done on autopilot. The software also helps companies save time and stress by providing fully automated functions for creating and storing video policies, compliance audit logs, tracking productivity and business analytics, time sheets, and paid time off. It also allows for integration with other software via Zapier, clocking in and out, assigning PTO allocations, and recording geolocation data reporting.


The importance of an effective leave management system (LMS)

Without a leave management system, navigating the maze of leave administration is a difficult task. Your odds of surviving are quite slim if all you have are traditional technologies like paper forms, emails, and Excel spreadsheets. Disasters include a shortage of resources, incorrect payroll processing, and legal difficulties that can be brought on by even little errors.

Even the often-used Google forms are not effective enough to address certain major issues with leave management. All these inadequate tools only serve to reduce the effectiveness and productivity of your staff.

What use are your leave management software's if too much manual work is required for them to work properly? These outdated techniques produce distorted data that is meaningless. Without human sorting, you cannot extract insight or identify issues from this jumbled mess. Even then, there are doubts about its accuracy. You need a strong leave management system to avoid administrative poisons, legal minefields, and payroll difficulties.

Now that we know how important having a leave management system in place is to your company or business, let's discuss some key features any leave management system should have.


Key features of leave management software:

The process of requesting a leave of absence is automated by a leave management system (LMS), making it hassle-free for both management and employees. Your chosen solution should be capable of handling each step of the leave management process, including application, approval or rejection, filing leaves, monitoring leave balance, and analysis.


The following features make up a good leave management system:

An All-in-one Dashboard

Employees should be able to view their leave balances while applying for leave. Supervisors and HR managers must have access to employee leave balances, holiday lists, and department schedules to better evaluate leave requests.

Customizable Leave Requests

Policies and procedures vary from one organization to another. A stiff leave management system with a "one size fits all' approach may not meet your needs. Look for a product that lets you customize your leave to meet your organization's policies.

Approval workflow

An effective leave management system should have a streamlined process for requests and approvals.

Seamless Integration

A leave management system should offer seamless integration with other HR software for payroll and timesheet management to save time and enable cross-functional reporting.


Let's compare some of the key features:

LeaveWizard key feature includes:

Leave Tracking., Overtime Calculation., Reporting & Statistics, Reporting/Analytics., Role-Based Permissions., and Sick Leave Tracking Time Off Requests. and vacation/leave tracking.

Humanagement's key features include:

Leave tracking/approval process control, attendance tracking, data import/export, document management, employee database, employee management, employee onboarding, employee profiles, HR management, learning and development, onboarding, performance management, reporting and analytics, seamless integrations, and policy development.

With these many features, let us compare its usability and price to provide more insight into choosing the right management software for your organization.




Leavewizard currently has a rating of 4 out of 5, with its users complaining of the time it takes for the website to load. Although most users will tell you that they endure the wait for the nice dashboard, which provides an overview of leave requests and management,

Humanagement, on the other hand, has a 5 out of 5 rating on usability. It has a responsive and easy-to-navigate dashboard that allows users to easily manage their businesses and employees, relieving them of the stress and frustration of employee management.



LeaveWizard has no free plan. It is a subscription-based service, with prices starting at 8 euros per month for 10 employees.

Humanagement offers a free plan for its users. It's subscription-based and starts at $5 for five users per month, with addons like purchase requests for $10 per month.

As you can see, the features and capabilities of each software are distinct. LeaveWizard focuses primarily on employee leave and absence management, whereas Humanagement provides a more comprehensive employee management solution.

LeaveWizard can assist businesses in managing employee leave and absence, streamlining the process of booking vacation, and remaining in control of their employees' absence.

Humanagement, on the other hand, can assist businesses in keeping track of policy management, compliance, and staff training, as well as tracking productivity and business analytics, time sheets, and paid time off. Consider your company's needs and requirements, as well as the features offered by each software, to determine which one is the best fit for you.


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February 14, 2023

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