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In recent times, the use of human resources software has become quite popular, and just like any other software, HR software is built to help small businesses, companies, and organizations streamline, reduce, and automate their HR process and manage their employees.

The demand is high right now for HR software as businesses now focus more on actual productivity. There are numerous HR software programs available today, and by 2024, there will be over 200 programs with various functionalities to assist businesses with their HR processes. In this article, we will focus on some of the best GroveHR alternatives in 2023.

The most important question you might have is about to be answered.


What is GROVEHR?

Grove HR is an HR platform for small and medium-sized businesses. It provides a full employee lifecycle solution, from managing the employee directory to onboarding new hires, processing time off, attracting and tracking candidates, and much more. All from the software

Some of the top features of GroveHR include:

Attendance management.

Document Management.

Employee Self-Service Management

Mobile Support.

Here's a thought: Most HR software already has these features, making GroveHR an average player in the HR software league.

Pros: Their friendly user interface and easy-to-use navigation are what users notice first. The recruitment feature enables users to be able to attract, track, and collaborate on the entire process without having to leave the app. Time off is also easily managed, as Grove HR has both a desktop and mobile app.

Cons: GroveHR can only be used by mostly startups and SME businesses, with not much consideration for when your business grows.

The truth is, your business needs more than these basic features to really streamline its HR processes, manage employees, and track productivity.

Now let's take a look at some of the best alternatives to GroveHR.




Humanagement is a simple all-in-one software to easily manage both your business and employees. It has standard HR features plus policy and training management, tracking employee production with stats, and much more.

When you sign up with Humanagement, here's what you'll get:

Employee and business performance statistics

Attendance management

Employee data management system

Time-off request

Purchase request

Knowledge base for courses and articles

Checklist templates, e.g., onboarding new hires

Org chat

Responsibilities and assignments

Integrations with apps you already work with

Humanagement has everything that GroveHR has and more.

It is super easy to use, with a super friendly user interface. It is easily customizable, and you can even add your company logo and branding. Also, if you are looking to scale, you can do so easily with Humanagement, which allows you to add employees as your business expands.

Pros: Humanagement integrates with your other applications. This allows you to pull statistics, which helps you make important decisions at a glance. It also helps with GDPR compliance by generating a customized ORG chart upon account setup.

Cons: Most of its customers are eager for a mobile version of the application. It is currently on the software road map and will be available anytime now.




BrainyHR automates your processes, from onboarding to offboarding and everything in between, to connect your organization and team. Reduce time spent on routine HR work.

Some of the top features of BrainyHR include:

people management

Time off management

Performance review and

Reward programs


Pros: Most of its users find BrainyHR simple to use, with features suitable for mostly remote startups.

Cons: According to a recent survey, most of its users say the user experience (UX) is very poor, and even a tech-savvy individual will leave the software even more confused with a lot of questions.




LeaveWizard is cloud-based software that provides businesses with various features, including automated leave management, overtime tracking, and extensive reporting. Supervisors can automatically calculate entitlement or allowance, track individual leave years, and keep track of employees' start and end dates.

Some of the features of LeaveWizard include:

Calendar Management

Leave Tracking

Overtime Calculation

Reporting and Statistics


Role-Based Permissions

Sick Leave Tracking

Time-off requests

Pros: Most of its users recommend the software because of its cost-effectiveness compared to other software on the market.

Cons: A lot of LeaveWizard customers complain of the time it takes for the web application to load, which is quite frustrating.



When it comes to an all-in-one HR solution, GroveHR is nothing special.


If you need to manage your employees' leave and time off in a cost-effective way, then get LeaveWizard.

If you need a reward program for your employees, BrainyHr is the way to go.

If you need all of the above, try Humanagement for free today.


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February 2, 2023

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