Easy To Use System For Training Automation

Training employees this effectively & quickly have never been easier!
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Step 1: Upload Your Training Materials

After registration, simply copy-paste your materials or drag and drop your PDF files into your policy creator.
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Step 2: Create A Course Based On Your Uploaded Materials

In the Course Creator, drag and drop your policies (materials) in the right sequence you wish your employee to go through them. Additionally you can create tests to measure their understanding after each course step.
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Step 3: Assign It To Positions

Once you are happy with your course, assign it to "positions". This ensures that all new employee added to these positions will auto enroll on your course that you made specifically for them.
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Step 4: Training Is Now Automated

That's it! You never have to lift another finger. Simply lean back and enjoy. The system takes care of training, giving access and testing of your team!
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