Austin Kerr



Austin started working in the music industry right out of High School, booking tours and being a tour manager for 8 years, learning the value of hiring, when each person you hire will be sleeping 6 inches above you for the next 3 months.

From there Austin worked as the senior executive of an amusement park, hiring over 400 people in one month. Then dealing with aspects of a rapid hire and hire where bodily injuries of guest and employees was a daily occurrence.

During that time and for some time after Austin worked mainly in consultant work, helping business of various sizes across several industries.

Then when one of Austin clients started rapidly expanding, He dove in, and worked for Equity & Help (a RE investment Startup) for 5 years, during that time he fully embraced refining processes, building hats, policies, and what it took to build a vibrant and passionate team. That team went on to become an Inc 500 company 3 years in a row.

Alas, building a team and company is great, but building something you can call your own is better. Austin then took all the HR and managerial software tools he had used over the years and reimagined them as a new software build to make work better for the owner, HR and the employee. After a year and a half of building, in min 2020 Austin launched

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