Why Your Employees Still Giving You Work?

Instead Of The Other Way Around?
Companies are giving up on training.

Lack of training is the cause of incompetence.

Incompetence leads to employees feeling stupid & uncertain about how to do their jobs.

So if training is soooo vital, why do so many companies give up on it?

It’s a huge problem, but guess what?

The reasons are finally out in the open, and they’re not what you’d expect.
Here’s the breakdown on why companies give up on training:
of employees prefer to learn or train at their own speed.
32% %
Of large companies are using digital training
Of employees are more likely to stay with a company that invests in their training
High Costs
Quality training isn’t affordable, and many companies know they can’t afford it. But what they don’t realize is that a well-trained team saves money in the long run.
Time Constraints
Training takes time, and it’s hard to squeeze it into already packed schedules. But integrating training into the daily routine can make it that much more easier.
Of companies offer some type of training to their employees
57% %
Of companies prioritized management related training
Of companies do compliance training online
Of large companies use online training software
71% %
Of small companies use online training software
Of Employees want training available anytime and anywhere
Lack of Engagement:
Boring training sessions turn employees off. Switching| to interactive and fun learning methods can keep everyone |motivated and involved.
Poor Results
When training doesn’t show immediate results, companies get discouraged. Setting realistic goals and tracking progress for validation can show the real value over time.
Of the younger employees would spend more time learning & trianing if they received recognition
50% %
Of companies in the US doesn't have trainings in place to address skill gaps
Of HR Managers say that training is beneficial for employee attraction
Of organizations claim they dont have the budget to properly train their staff
49% %
Of talent developers say that getting managers to push training is one of the biggest challenge
Of learning leaders say that using multiple methods for learning is crucial
Outdated Methods
Sticking to old-school training techniques can make the whole process ineffective. Embracing modern, tech-based methods can make a huge difference.
No Follow-Up
Without proper follow-up, employees forget what they’ve learned. Regular refreshers and ongoing support are key to keeping skills sharp.
Companies spend around
of their budget on training
Companies that have an extensive training program earn about
218% %
More per employee than companies without such program
Of employees think traininf directly improves their performance
So, what’s the takeaway?

Companies need to rethink their approach to training if they want to see real benefits.

It’s all about making training affordable, engaging, minimal effort and ongoing.

The easiest, fastest and best way to do that is by using Humanagement.io.

This tool allows companies to “auto-enroll” any new employee, view their progress and get feedback.

Additionally, it provides access to a near unlimited knowledgebase to revisit subjects that have been forgotten.

Anddd... Training Automation! Let me show you below!
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Step 1: Upload Your Training Materials

After registration, simply copy-paste your materials or drag and drop your PDF files into your policy creator.

Step 2: Create A Course Based On Your Uploaded Materials

In the Course Creator, drag and drop your policies (materials) in the right sequence you wish your employee to go through them. Additionally you can create tests to measure their understanding after each course step.
Let me see it!

Step 3: Assign It To Positions

Once you are happy with your course, assign it to "positions". This ensures that all new employee added to these positions will auto enroll on your course that you made specifically for them.

Step 4: Training Is Now Automated

That's it! You never have to lift another finger. Simply lean back and enjoy. The system takes care of training, giving access and testing of your team! That was easy, wasn't it? If you are intrigued, lets do a free "no-commitment" demonstration! We will simple advice you and show you around the software.
I'll believe it when i see it

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