Effectively Scale Your Company Through Our Knowledge Base & Training App

How? Simple! Trained employees become competent. Competent employees get more results.
The more results (productivity) your team is able to output, the more revenue you get access to!

Engage Team Members With Quick Access, Great Visuals & Simple Navigation

With simplified User Interface, the system thinks as you do. Meaning you find documents, courses and functions at the first place you would look for them. 

Even children and seniors would find it equally fun to use...
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Unlimited Storage For Your Company Documents... Literally!

"Knowledge is power" - Francis Bacon...

And what better way to equip your staff with power to grow their departments and get more results than giving them access to this Power (knowledge) Base? Upload up to 1 million company articles!
It is 3 clicks and 10 seconds to find any company material on any subject. That saves seconds to minutes every time some one has a question (and that happens a lot with growing companies).

Growth comes from well informed decision making and competency at work. Give your team access to vital knowledge, using our system! 
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The System Grows With Your Team & Needs

"Vini, Vidi, Vici" Or... "I came, I saw, I conquered" - Julius Caesar.

Like many great expansionist, you can only take on more clients, territory and income if you are equipped with the right tools and trained team. This app minimizes repeat work, extra work and constant questions from employees. 

The Knowledge Base has a Google-like search function to get answers to any questions. The training module can handle 5 or 500 staff members with the same efficiency due to its design.
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Custom Course Creator & Editor Using Your Knowledge Base.

Your company knowledge base (documents) is what prepares people to reach their maximum performance at work. You don't have to rewrite anything, or pay a coach to come up with an expensive training program. 

Simply add your documents in your preferred sequence to a course (or several courses) and use that to train your sales, support, management, accounting and more! 

You can also keep team members engaged and motivated in learning by creating practical exercises and tests as part of your course.
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Scale On Auto-Pilot

Simply document your top performers' methods. Upload them to the system. Create a course from it and set the system to automatically train your team on those courses you created.

Simply tell Humanagement what type of staff members qualify to be enrolled on which course(s). 

And from there on, any new staff member added to the system that qualified for a given course, will be enrolled and taken through said course automatically by Humangement.

That's how simply you can copy-paste & clone your high income earners with Humanagement!
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